Can School Uniforms Better Discipline Among The Students?


School discipline is unquestionably a fundamental concern for the schools and parents as well. Although, a group of people finds it unnecessary and a larger section believes it to be a practical way to improve the overall discipline in the schools. Well, this debate could be stretched from generation to generations.

Although, what isn’t debatable is its effects and results. AS per the US department of education, wearing a uniform at school reduces the risks of violence and theft, inspire discipline and help school administration to identify intruders who came to the school.


Several studies show the positive impacts of wearing a school uniform. One of the main advantages remains that wearing a school uniform motivates a student to act responsibly as they are representing the school. The uniform keeps on instilling a sense of pride for their school among them. Needless to mention, that it promotes the safety of students as the intruders can be instantly recognized. Dashed out below are other benefits of school uniform that ensures school discipline.

Promotes School Pride

Wearing a school uniform gives the students a sense of belongingness towards their school. This works similar to organizations with corporate uniform structure where employees who wear company uniforms feel attached to their organization and are motivated to work better. Schools and other educational institutions are benefitted similarly because of the continuous reminder of the ‘belonging’ factor.


Promotes School Safety

Since the students are recognizable because of their uniforms, different types of unwanted activities that could harm the school and the students could be avoided easily. Intruders can be easily identified.


Fewer Distractions, More Erudition

Wearing a school uniform keeps the students attached to the school, instilling a positive outlook in the students to make their school proud. This improves schools’ ranking and the performance of students. Simply implying, they are less distracted, which in turn draws them towards studies.


Easy Acceptance Within A Group

Given the increased instances of bullying and peer pressure, this is an important factor in today’s times. It is hard for students, especially the new ones to be accepted to a group. School uniforms give a unified appearance and identity to the students which reduce the chances of a student feeling alone, different or undeserving.


In a nutshell, uniforms could be a great way to improve the discipline among students. It gives a positive outlook among the students to do their school pride, similar to a sports uniform which instantly instills team spirits in the players or a police uniform that gives the policemen the sense of duty. School uniforms are good for students to inculcate the values of harmony and respect for other students instead of discriminating them on the basis of clothing and status.

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